Domex 700 cool framing steels are thermo-mechanically come in current plants where the warming, moving and cooling procedures are painstakingly controlled.

Domex 700 substance dissection, comprising of low levels of carbon and manganese has exact expansion of grain refiners, for example, niobium, titanium or vanadium. This together with a clean structure makes Domex Steels the most focused option for frosty framed and welded items. Domex 700 with assignment D and E meet and surpass the requests for steel S700 in EN-10149-2.

The additional high quality steel evaluations are utilized as a part of uses, for example, truck body, cranes and earth moving machines. In these applications, the high quality of the steels is utilized to spare weight and/or to build the payload. As a consequence of this and the great formability of the steels, the aggregate expenses can be diminished. Normal applications are vehicle chassis, holder casing structures, steel extensions and building developments, chimney stack cases, rail wagons, snow sheds, various types of poles i.e. applications where a consumption safe steel is required together with high quality.

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Also, this steel is climate safe, i.e. amid open air use inside several years, a smooth minimal oxide layer is framed that restrains further consumption. Domex 700 characterized by weldability, impact toughness, formability, high strength, corrosion resistance.


Grade Al max B max C max Fe max Mn max Mo max P max Si max S max
Domex 700 0.015 0.0050 0.12 97 2.1 0.50 0.025 0.30 0.010


Ultimate Tensile Strength Yield strength Rp 0.2, min MPa Elongation at Break Impact Bend radius (Minimum)
750 - 950 MPa 700 MPa 10 - 12 % 71 J/cm²; -20°C 1.0 t - t(3mm; internal bend radius, 90°)

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